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Our home was due to be foreclosed on because I became disabled and could not work anymore.  I called and talked to a wonderful lady by the name of Sheryl Twitty and told her our situation.  She was very kind and considerate and I could tell she had a heart felt concern about what we were going through...She immediately started making phone calls on our behalf to stop the foreclosure.  We knew if the foreclosure took place it would destroy our credit rating....she was very professional and kept her word on each and every conversation or appointment she made with my wife and I.  
I recommend that if anyone is or will be in my situation now or in the future please call Sheryl and she'll make that experience of losing your home more bearable and give you a new outlook on life...she is the most trustworthy and honest individual we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Will and Betty Ward
Johnson City, TN

We are writing this letter to tell you how satisfied we are with Mrs. Twitty's professional approach on the sale of our home.    Though Jackie lost his home in the end, we were able to keep it from being foreclosed on so that hopefully in the future we can purchase a new home.  Mrs. Twitty offered us several payment options which we were able to choose from in order to better suit our needs.  Thank you for your time, consideration and help in this difficult time for our family.

Thank you,
Jackie & Kathy
Johnson City, TN

We want to say that Sheryl Twitty has been very helpful, friendly, and most professional in working with us toward the sale of our rental property. She made sure we understood all the scenarios involved in the transfer of our home to her. She is a fine person to deal with.

Tom and Nancy Holochwost

We were so happy with the whole process of selling our 6 properties! Sheryl was professional through the entire process and helped it run smoothly. Sheryl was terrific and made it easy to sell our properties!

Joe and Teresa

New Homebuyers:

I can not say thank you enough!
- Bob


Returned to workforce after prolonged disability. Lived with mom, a blessing, but at 53 ready for independence again. Rely on the Lord & it will be provided--along comes Better Home Solutions with ownership (plan) opportunity. Being a red-blooded American there is no choice, really, between owning (ultimately) and renting; and opportunity must be siezed, or it passes you by. Thanks B.H.S. to pursue purchase [of] that American Dream. Twice blessed: 1. self-employed and 2. going to own my own home again after once losing it all.
Ben Gardner



When I decided to move to the Tri-Cities after living in Atlanta for many years, I thought I would end up renting my house. Instead, I met Sheryland now have a great house that I am able to pay payments on instead of rent! I am thrilled to be in my own home and Sheryl had a hand in all the steps of the way.


Seller Testimonies
Ronald Briggs speaking on behalf of Mrs. Twitty. She is a very honest person; paying me every month until our agreement was over. I wouldn't have any problem dealing with her again.

Ronald Briggs
214 Faith Circle Johnson City, TN was bought by us on June 15, 2009 and we are pleased with the upgrade work that was done on the house to make it modern and attractive.

Harold and Esther Sisley

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Rent to Own

I want to thank Donna and Sheryl for making this home buying an easy and enjoyable experience. they have given us the opportunity to rent to own this house while saving the money for a downpayment, when otherwise we couldn't of been able to.

Donna and Sheryl have been a Godsend to us. They are really great people, they have been right with [us] the whole way answering any questions we have and guiding us--in the right direction and when our lease is over and it is time to buy I am certain they will still be there to help.
Thanks so much guys!

--Jack and Sandy Hughes


"Hope, Dream, Believe"

The picture that is on Sheryl’s  wall says it all, “ Hope, Dream, Believe.”

We could not be happier with the help that Sheryl has given us throughout our home buying process. We were struggling to find a house in our budget that met our needs, when we stumbled upon the signs that had just been put out 15 minutes before we were driving through the area. It was just meant to be, it seems to have been part of God’s plan for us. We were delighted to find out that the home was within our budget and that Sheryl was more than willing to do everything she could to get us into it.

This whole process was made much easier with Sheryl’s help. She was more than willing to answer any questions that we had and worked with us on getting everything in order for us to make our purchase. Thank you very much!

--David and Patricia 

Loss Mitigator:

... thank you all for your hard work.   I'm so glad you were able to get this (short sale) done!  I wish I worked with a someone like you all the time.
If I can be of assistance in the future please feel free to contact me,


Monica Ann Zuccaro
Loss Mitigation
Green Tree Servicing                  

I have been dealing with Sheryl Twitty of Better Home Solutions for several months now and have always found her to be honest and forthright. I hold a mortgage on property owned by Better Home Solutions and all payments have been made in a timely manner.
Lynwood T. Wagner 
11/06/ 12

Joe Brown gets Paid.jpg

It always brings smiles when we pay off our sellers who have benefited from our seller financing strategy. We enjoy our seller's big "Pay Day".

"You have always paid on time and it's been a pleasure to do business with you". Joe Brown



“I found myself in a horrible rental situation. I had always been a renter because the possibility of raising funds for a downpayment were slim on a fixed, disability income. I was also in school working towards my Masters degree and my student loans would be coming due upon graduation. The probability that I would have to move from one terrible rental into another was overwhelming and I felt very hopeless and trapped in an unending cycle of throwing my money away on some place I would never truly feel 'at home' in”.

While searching Craigslist for the hundredth time, late one night, I found an ad for a lease purchase through Better Home Solutions with Sheryl Twitty as the contact person. The home was beyond what I could have hoped I would ever be able to live in….

I emailed Sheryl and we discussed the property. She sent me to look at it the next day and I fell in love with the beautiful hardwood floors, the large picture window, the tiled kitchen and bath and the beautiful view of the back property.

Sheryl and I emailed back and forth and she explained the technicalities of a lease-purchase. I would have to pay a down-payment up front…Sheryl made everything so easy, and I was able to finally release a big sigh of relief.

I met with Sheryl and she explained that I would pay a set amount each month for approximately 4 years. A portion of that would go towards rent and the other portion would be saved towards my downpayment. Once that 20% downpayment was accumulated, the house would then be financed either through a bank with traditional financing or through her company. I set my lease payments up on an automatic bank draft to assure the payments were never late.

Today, December 30, 2015, I met with Sheryl and her lawyer to close on the house and officially make me a homeowner. We signed the paperwork, everything was outlined and the dream Sheryl promised me at the start became a reality. It was done through her honesty, integrity and true desire to make a homeowner of anyone willing to put in the effort as well as my own diligence, hard work and dedication. I can proudly say I am entering the new year a homeowner.

While many may read this and think "this would never happen for me" or look at the situation as too good to be true, I can assure you that while a healthy dose of skepticism is always recommended, it would be unwise to assume that Sheryl and Better Home Solutions have anything but the best of intentions. The company is trustworthy, honest and easy to work with. If you make your payments, maintain your end of the simple and flexible lease agreement and have the desire to do so, you CAN own a home, too!

“I love the beautiful hardwood floors, the large picture window, the tiled kitchen and bath and the beautiful view of the back property”, says Holly.

We’re so excited for you, Holly, and so happy to be a part of making the dream come true. Congratulations from all of us at Better Home Solutions! Your diligence has paid off!


Tammy and James never dreamed they'd be buying a house of their own this spring. When Tammy saw the ad in craigslist she dropped everything and went straight to see the house immediately. She was great gathering all her paperwork and paying attention to every detail for the application process and for the closing. Congratulations Tammy and James! Your hard work has paid off by giving you your own home.


Thank you so much for being an awesome landlord we are very thankful that this location was part of our journey.
Thank you,

The White's

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