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Common Questions about Our LeasesHouse Idea‚Äč


Q. Are utilities included?

A. No, utilities are not included. You will pay your electric, water and gas bills. Garbage collection is included for apartments.


Q. What about lawn care?

A. Lawn care is included with apartments, but not included for home rentals. If you are uncertain whether you will need to take care of lawn care for the property you’re considering, please email us.


Q. Do you allow pets?

A. We do not currently allow pets in the majority of our rental units, though we do allow them in some of our properties; please ask if you are interested. There is a $275 pet deposit or an additional $5 a month for your pet.


Q. How does parking work?

A. Parking varies from property to property. However, all our properties feature off-street parking for two vehicles. If you’re concerned about parking for the property you’re considering renting, please email us.


Q. How long are your leases?

A. Our leases are always 12 months in length. If you are a student and know you will not be in the area for a full year, we may be able to adjust your rent to make up for the difference between your start and end dates. Feel free to email us about this option.


Q. I’ve checked out this property and I’m really interested in renting it. What do I do now?

A. Click here to fill out our online application. When you’ve finished filling it out, you’ll be taken to Paypal to pay your non-refundable $25 application processing fee. We’ll begin processing your application immediately and hope to inform you within 2-3 days if we’ve accepted your application.


Q. How much money do I need to have at the lease signing?

A. You will need a security deposit and the first month’s rent at the time of signing the lease. (When you pay your rent, you are paying for the month ahead.)


Q. What do I need besides my payment (money orders for 1st payments please) at my lease signing?

A. All applicants need to bring driver’s licenses or picture id and 2 most recent pay stubs.


Q. I’m moving in with a roommate. Do we both have to fill out the rental application?

A. If you are making enough money on your own, your roommate may not need to fill out the application, but we strongly recommend that you both have your names on the lease. You may fill out our application first, and if we need your roommate to fill it out too, we’ll let you know. There is no additional charge to check your roommate’s references.


Q. How do I make sure I get my full deposit back?

A. Leave your apartment sparking clean with all the appliances and fixtures in full working order and you’ll get your deposit back. It is important that you report items that aren’t working because of natural wear and tear through the course of your lease so that you are not penalized if they are not working when you move out.


Q. What do I do if something isn’t working?

A. Click here to go to your maintenance request form. Fill it out as completely as you can, and we’ll arrange to have someone come check it out promptly.